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A Guide to Understand AI, GAI, ML, LLM, GANs, and GPTs

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence What is AI? This quote appears frequently these days – “Artificial Intelligence is the future.” However, what ...

Loan Delinquency Risk
Generative AI Machine Learning

Loan Delinquency Risk Analysis with Generative AI for Banks

Introduction In today’s fast-paced financial landscape, banks and lending institutions constantly face the challenge of managing risk when offer...

Global Supply Chains
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Master Data-driven Risk Management in Global Supply Chains!

Introduction In the dynamic landscape of global commerce, supply chains are susceptible to various risks that can disrupt operations and lead to signi...

Credit Card Portfolios
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Use AI to Analyze Declined Transactions in Credit Card Portfolios

Declined Transactions in Credit Card Portfolios In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, credit cards have become a ubiquitous tool for ...

Data-Driven Growing Organization
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Get Insights on the Fly and Build a Data-Driven Growing Organization

 Do you ever wonder how your peers get more work done even when they are on the move? Do you have a large team of analysts who are constantly churning...

Video Analytics
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6 Video Analytics Use Cases Transforming Industry! Discover How.

Video Analytics Organizations have started realizing the importance of data. They are capturing data from different sources like transactions, custome...

Digital Ad Aampaigns
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How can Analytics help you Optimize Digital Ad Aampaigns?

Are Data Analytics Solutions really effective in optimizing Digital Ad Campaign? User web behavior is a key source of information for all companies s...