Data Analytics Solution for Banking and Financial Services

Turn data into insights with advanced analytics and data science solutions

Advanced analytics solutions for banking and financial services

Faced with increasing competition, banking and financial services organizations must move quickly to attract and retain customers, offer innovative services and address complex regulatory mandates and heightened security threats.

With expertise across the entire spectrum of financial services, TransOrg is a perfect partner in building true enterprise grade analytics solutions.

Solutions we offer

  • digital-analytics

    Fraud Analytics

    Mitigate frauds at transactions level, merchant level or account level by anomaly detection

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  • mix-market

    Credit Risk Scorecard

    Credit risk modelling is an approach to determine the probability of default of a customer

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  • collection-analytics-icon

    Collection Analytics

    Make data-driven collections and recovery strategies to manage debt and mitigate losses

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  • customer-behaviour-icon

    Customer Analytics

    Get customer insights such as wallet share, life time value and affinities to explore cross/up sell opportunities

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We help our clients make strategic decisions resulting in sizable impact

  • Superior Customer Experience

    Improve customer experience and build strong relationships through customer analytics and personalization leading to high customer acquisition and low churn

  • Fraud and
    Risk Management

    Ward off potential fraud by analyzing customers’ behavioral patterns and flagging anomalous behavior to prevent losses and possible reputational damage

  • Growth

    Identify high-value customers to explore up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Get market insights for profitable launch of a new product or expansion of existing product line

  • Loss

    Mitigate loss via identifying high-risk customers to reduce delinquency, estimating credit loss, reducing churn and focusing on collection and recovery

Our Expertise

TransOrg have deep knowledge about the complexities of the banking industry, and know how to deploy data science solutions to transform banking and financial operations.


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