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How Retail Customer Analytics Can Boost CPG Marketing ROI

Retail Customer Analytics Imagine a world where marketers could effortlessly tailor their strategies to meet the needs and desires of each customer. T...

How Generative AI is Set to Revolutionize the Automotive Industry
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How Generative AI is Set to Revolutionize the Automotive Industry?

Introduction The automotive industry has always been at the forefront of innovation, constantly driving to create safer, more efficient, and environme...

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Master Data-driven Risk Management in Global Supply Chains!

Introduction In the dynamic landscape of global commerce, supply chains are susceptible to various risks that can disrupt operations and lead to signi...

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Boosting Talent Acquisition in Captive Centers with Data Science

Introduction Economic Times stated in a recent article that according to data from specialist staffing firm Xpheno, this fiscal year, top Global Capti...

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How CPG companies use generative AI to enhance Market Mix model performance?

Introduction  The consumer packaging goods industry is highly competitive. Companies need to switch to advanced technologies to stay ahead of the comp...

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What is Data Science and its Relevance in AI?

What is Data Science? Data science is a data-driven approach to solving complex problems such as business, machine learning and computer vision. It is...