Data-Driven Growing Organization
Machine Learning

Get Insights on the Fly and Build a Data-Driven Growing Organization

 Do you ever wonder how your peers get more work done even when they are on the move? Do you have a large team of analysts who are constantly churning out reports that often reach you too late? Do you have to coordinate with multiple managers, teams and analysts to get a single business view? And do you prefer to spend more time on strategy rather than on compiling or deciphering countless MS Excel reports?

Well this struggle is about to end as you can now accelerate your business decision capabilities.

TransOrg Analytics introduces Mobisights a powerful interactive mobile dashboard app that accelerates business decisions, presents business metrics and enhances productivity.

With Mobisights you can effortlessly collect data from various sources such as flat files, database pipe, and sensors in real-time or as batch process and select to view key business metrics that matter the most to you and your team.

Mobisights empowers you with user level customization, access, alerts and notifications which means that you and your team are not bombarded with irrelevant reports and can keep tabs on the pulse of your business – all the time, wherever you are.

Mobisights is packed with useful features and functionalities.

Get real-time notifications instantly and take immediate action.

Customize your view with various chart options to generate meaningful insights.

Intuitively & seamlessly drill-down from a 30,000 ft. to 100 ft. view of your business and go deeper into data.

Annotate charts, highlight values, insert comments, undo or redo annotations

Share your comments with your team instantly.

Mobisights has an easy to deploy interface since it is compatible with Android or iOS smartphones and tablets.

The benefits are yours to reap…

  • Get actionable insights on the go
  • Receive proactive alerts when performance indicators deviate from threshold
  • Instantly communicate with team members
  • Take proactive action to dramatically improve turnaround time
  • Reduce mailbox clutter from irrelevant and countless MS Excel reports
  • Enable your analysts to spend time on solving complex business problems rather than on compiling reports