Data Engineering

Transform your organization’s disparate data into actionable intelligence with agile analytics

Transform your organization’s disparate data into actionable insights for more informed and timely business decisions

Our Data Engineers are responsible for every aspect of data management, ranging from data storage and data preparation to implementing Machine Learning and Computational Algorithms at scale.

TransOrg's data engineering approach ensures that all right data (internal/external, structured/unstructured) are identified, sourced, cleaned, analyzed, modeled, and decisions implemented – without losing on granularity and value as the data travels through this path.

Our Approach

From deploying Big Data infrastructure to machine learning for predictive models

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Implement data lake solutions

We help set up your data lake & get you going on your big data journey

Develop data pipelines

Build the data pipelines required to transform raw data into curated datasets that can be readily consumed by business.

Enable value realization

Data engineering enables data science solutions to reduce operational costs, discover new revenue sources, and create new products.

Deploy big data architecture

Integrate and deploy big data architecture on both on premises and on cloud

Technologies we work with

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