Life @ TransOrg

Enabling its people and preserving its culture is core to TransOrg and what makes TransOrg a great place to work for aspiring and practicing data scientists, data engineers, analysts and visualization experts.

We love solving some of the toughest business problems and discovering new ways to develop use cases in advanced analytics across a wide range of industries. Our teams get a rich blend of business domain knowledge, technology and data science expertise, project, and client management experience.

With a flat organization structure, fast paced decision making, academic diversity and inclusive work culture TransOrg makes daily work enjoyable, enriching, and rewarding. Individually and collectively as a team our employees take pride in their achievements and the success of others.

As part of a client-servicing team every employee serves a group of select member firm clients and when not working on active client projects our employees work within our analytics COE in developing and testing new use cases, building new capabilities on business-critical internal projects.

At TransOrg employees have open access to opportunities that support growth, skills development and accelerated path to achieving their self-determined goals.

TransOrg not only boasts diverse clientele and work but also comprises a mix of brilliant people from all backgrounds where each person is unique and valued. We aim to build an exemplary and seamless work experience for all our employees.