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Video Analytics
Machine Learning

6 Video Analytics Use Cases Transforming Industry! Discover How.

Video Analytics Organizations have started realizing the importance of data. They are capturing data from different sources like transactions, custome...

Digital Ad Aampaigns
Machine Learning

How can Analytics help you Optimize Digital Ad Aampaigns?

Are Data Analytics Solutions really effective in optimizing Digital Ad Campaign? User web behavior is a key source of information for all companies s...

Financial Services
Analytics Trends

How can you save your Financial Services Firm from Foreclosures?

In recent years Non Performing Assets have emerged as a major headache for banking organizations. According to a recent report, bad loans have touched...

CPG Analytics
Analytics Trends

5 Trends in Analytics for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) in 2024

Analytics for Consumer Packaged Goods In today’s competitive era Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies must constantly evolve and rethink. This has ...

Big Data

Top 5 Retail Analytics Trends in 2024

In this global era of rising competition retailers are finding it hard to thrive. But they are getting access to a lot of data from stores, marketing ...

Big Data

How can Sentiment Analytics Prove Beneficial for your Business?

Sentiment Analytics One of the most important part of running a profitable business is to attentively listen to what your customers want and how they...

Artificial Intelligence

5 Ways Predictive Analytics can help you save millions

The continuous increase in data is forcing companies to shift their strategical business focus towards analytics. Even though harnessing the power of ...

Artificial Intelligence

How can Analytics help Asset Reconstruction Companies?

The leading problem in the country right now is unforeseen volume of Non-Performing assets with the banking system. To clean the balance sheets of the...

Customer Analytics

Why Location Analytics is the need of the Hour for Retail Businesses?

Location analytics is the process or the ability to gain insight from the location or geographic component of business data. Through location analytic...