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How Retail Customer Analytics Can Boost CPG Marketing ROI

Retail Customer Analytics Imagine a world where marketers could effortlessly tailor their strategies to meet the needs and desires of each customer. T...

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Customer 360 Analytics in Retail & Ecommerce Industry

What is customer 360? Customer 360 is the idea that companies can get a complete view of customers by aggregating data from the various touch p...

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Personalization for Customer Acquisition and Retention

In the context of improving the success potential of their business, companies notice massive benefits when they center on customer behavior. Using da...

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How to Execute ROI Driven Promotions Strategies?

The festive season is always very important to Indian marketeers and consumers and has become even more so in the post-pandemic world that has left ev...

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Customer Profiling and Segmentation in Banking

Overview No customer shares the same quality to be targeted in a similar way. Each of them is unique from a business perspective and if in case...

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Trump GST with advanced analytics – Part III

Part III: Analytics as your savior: Be proactive in grabbing the opportunities using analyticsThis follows Part I of the series posted on June 21, 20...

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Trump GST with advanced analytics – Part II

Part II: Threats arising out of GST implementationThis follows the Part I of the series posted on June 21, 2017

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Trump GST with Advanced Analytics

  To know more about GST, please click on the following parts of our blog series Part II: Threats arising out of GS...

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Why Location Analytics is the need of the Hour for Retail Businesses?

Location analytics is the process or the ability to gain insight from the location or geographic component of business data. Through location analytic...