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5 Ways Predictive Analytics can help you save millions

The continuous increase in data is forcing companies to shift their strategical business focus towards analytics. Even though harnessing the power of this huge amount of data can provide organizations significant benefits, many companies still have not gone beyond collecting and storing the data. It isn’t easy to deal with this huge quantum of unstructured and structured data even though the benefits are highly rewarding.

Predictive analytics is a must-have for businesses in today’s era. Predictive analytics is the use of machine learning and statistical techniques to provide the best assessment of what will happen in the future. Predictive analytics can help in detecting fraud in the banking system, optimize marketing campaigns, improve operational aspects of a business, and predict customer actions in advance.

Here are 5 ways your company can benefit using predictive analytics:

1. Settle Uncertainties

Uncertainty, the fear of the unknown always haunts business persons. Whether its uncertainty over customer acquisition or reactivation it can pose a huge problem for the business. In this case when there is uncertainty looming over the business then decision making becomes a cumbersome task.Predictive analytics can generate useful insights by giving possible predictions for a particular business use case which clears the uncertainty prevailing in the business.

2. Optimize marketing campaigns

In this era of cut-throat competition, every company is under pressure to market its products and services effectively. With predictive analytics, marketers can easily see the upcoming trends which can enable better decision making. Predictive analytics can help marketers to improve their effectiveness. For instance, predictive analytics can help a company predict people who are most likely to churn out of their system. Thus the marketing people can design retention campaigns for such customers. This targeted marketing campaigning eventually leads to better campaign response rates and reduced marketing costs.

3. Gain a better understanding of your customers

As customers are getting more options to choose from, it is getting difficult for businesses to retain and satisfy their existing customers. Different organizations are realizing the importance of understanding their customers in a better manner. A lot of companies fail to understand what their customers need.Predictive analytics can help organizations utilize customer data obtained from web interactions, demographics data, in-store data etc. to predict customer expectations.

4. Expedite decision-making process

Predictive analytics can help plan and focus on both short term and long term decisions. For instance, predictive analytics can help forecast the sales which further helps in deciding on the sales strategy for the future. It can also help you in making decisions related to business expansion by pointing out the location to open new stores, determine product positioning strategy etc.

5. Identify new revenue opportunities

The company also automated the process of scanning bank websites for new auctions and developed an expense tracking system associated with the project realization process. This way the company was able to improve the overall efficiency and accuracy of the overall process.

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