Customer Spotlight

Tushar Gupta- Head of Data Science

Tell us about yourself

I have experience in strategy consulting, data analysis, and product incubation, with a proven ability to oversee and execute comprehensive data science projects. My experience spans multiple industries, including Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI), Hospitality, E-Commerce, and Telecommunications, providing me with a broad spectrum of insights and skills.

I am an advocate for customers and a value-driven professional, and I specialize in Marketing Analytics. My deep domain knowledge enables me to leverage data and insights effectively, enabling clients to respond swiftly to external market fluctuations while maintaining their competitive edge.

I am an effective collaborator intrinsically motivated by positivity, consistency, and a focus on continuous learning

You have positioned WITHIN as the only Performance Branding company. Please share more about your organization.

WITHIN has one simple goal – to make our clients perform better. We reimagine the branding approach, aligning marketing goals with business goals in a way that compounds the success of every campaign on every channel. From custom-built digital marketing campaigns to influencer marketing to TV and go-to market strategy.

Our key business outcomes include enhancing capabilities of spend optimization across channels (at various stages of marketing funnel), forecasting, customer segmentation essentially lying in the core space of Marketing Analytics. Apart from generating customer insights, automating processes, and improving controls & compliance.

How are you partnering with TransOrg Analytics?

TransOrg has helped us in building impactful solutions – starting with analysis and insights to creating dashboards, developing predictive models, forecasting and optimizing client spends. We have partnered with TransOrg on developing path breaking solutions leveraging latest data science and machine learning techniques.

Which are the key areas where you have worked with TransOrg Analytics?

TransOrg team has been working with us on a range of initiatives and new developments. They have helped us with:

Extensible Layered Marginal Optimizer to optimize spend distribution across various marketing platforms using marginal KPI, reduce overspending and find the point of saturation. Improving existing methodology to enable faster execution time and reducing error rate in predictions.

Revenue Forecasting to forecast weekly/monthly revenue as well as recommended spends across various marketing channels based on revenue goals given by clients and taking into consideration factors like promotional period and holidays.

Traffic Forecasting and analysing how forecasts vary with changing spend patterns.

Customer segmentation methodology to come up with a Rewards Program for a jukebox client wherein customers were segregated into groups based on behavioral data. A different rewards strategy for each customer group was devised.

Optimization of codes by building reusable packages, automating feedback reporting in all the products mentioned above, building dashboards for end users for insights and recommendations.

What has been your experience of working with TransOrg Analytics?

We are quite impressed with their ‘can do’ attitude and continuous focus on everyday improvements. Their desire to take on ambiguous and arduous challenges have helped me create unique solutions for our business. They always challenge the status quo and come up with new ways of solving a problem.

We have built a strong partnership and foresee opportunities to work together on new ideas to improve and expand WITHIN’s set of solutions.