Build vs Buy
CPG Analytics

Making Informed Choices in Retail Data Analytics: A Build vs. Buy Approach

Summary In the ever-evolving landscape of retail and consumer goods, leveraging cutting-edge technologies like CPG Retail Analytics has become imperat...

CPG Analytics
CPG Analytics Customer Analytics Data Science

How Retail Customer Analytics Can Boost CPG Marketing ROI

Retail Customer Analytics Imagine a world where marketers could effortlessly tailor their strategies to meet the needs and desires of each customer. T...

CPG Analytics
Analytics Trends Artificial Intelligence Generative AI

Strategic Insights: Embracing the Top 5 CPG Marketing Trends in Gen AI

In the ever-evolving landscape of consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketing, staying ahead of the curve is imperative for success. As we enter the GenAI...

artificial intelligence
Analytics Trends Artificial Intelligence Generative AI Machine Learning

A Guide to Understand AI, GAI, ML, LLM, GANs, and GPTs

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence What is AI? This quote appears frequently these days – “Artificial Intelligence is the future.” However, what ...

cross selling
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Discover Cross-Sell Opportunities with Elite Bank Clients!

Introduction Institutions continually seek innovative ways to maximize their revenue streams in the fast-paced world of banking and financial services...

Customer Spotlight

Tushar Gupta- Head of Data Science

Tell us about yourself I have experience in strategy consulting, data analysis, and product incubation, with a proven ability to oversee and execute c...

Gen AI in automotive Industry
Data Science Generative AI

How Generative AI is Set to Revolutionize the Automotive Industry?

Introduction The automotive industry has always been at the forefront of innovation, constantly driving to create safer, more efficient, and environme...

Anomaly Detection
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Enhancing Security in Banking: Anomaly Detection Model for Fraud Prevention

Anomaly Detection Models In today’s digital age, the financial & Banking industry faces numerous challenges, one of the most prominent being...

Customer Spotlight

Bobby Chetal – VP- Customer Experience Strategy

Tell us about yourself I am a strategy and P&L executive with ownership of a $1B dialogic marketing channel across consumer and business customers...