Customer Spotlight

Bobby Chetal – VP- Customer Experience Strategy

Tell us about yourself

I am a strategy and P&L executive with ownership of a $1B dialogic marketing channel across consumer and business customers. I possess expertise in data monetization through the use of analytics and insights to deliver value across B2C and B2B domains. I am a global citizen who has been raised in three countries and has worked in two countries over 20+ years.

I am an innovation and change management-focused leader with experience in marketing analytics, client/customer analytics, sales performance analytics, HR analytics, technology architecture, and BFSI consulting, specializing in Global Captive BPO/KPO.

I am a strong customer advocate and value-creator with deep domain expertise in payments and business travel-related expense management. I leverage data and insights to help clients quickly react to changes in the external market and stay competitive.

I am a highly effective collaborator who is intrinsically motivated by positivity, consistency, and a focus on continuous learning.

What is the nature of your business?

I closely collaborated with TransOrg during my tenure as the Vice President of the Data Strategy & Insights (DS&I) group within Global Commercial Services (GCS) at American Express (“Amex”), a Fortune 100 global financial payments company. Our primary business objective was to boost charge volume (card expenditures) by stimulating spending, capitalizing on cross-sell and upsell opportunities, generating customer insights, automating processes, and enhancing controls and compliance.

How many years have you worked with TransOrg Analytics and which services did they provide?

TransOrg has been collaborating with Amex for more than seven years. Together, they have tackled various business use cases, beginning with analysis and insights, progressing to creating dashboards, developing predictive models for upselling/cross-selling products, and harnessing AI to construct impactful solutions. I have turned to TransOrg for addressing the most unique and challenging business problems that lacked readily available solutions in the industry.

How satisfied are you with TransOrg’s knowledge and performance?

We were highly satisfied with TransOrg’s knowledge of the Financial Services industry and their deep expertise in the fields of Data Science and AI. Their willingness and desire to tackle ambiguous and challenging tasks have greatly assisted us in creating truly unique solutions for our business. They have undertaken a variety of initiatives, including:

  • Analyzing organic and inorganic growth to identify changes in charge volumes (card spends) at both the product and client levels.
  • Conducting sales audit analyses to comprehend the impact of new product sales on client spending.
  • Developing customer segmentation models to promote higher-value product cross-selling and pinpoint the most favorable customer segments.
  • Detecting non-compliant merchants through the use of NLP (Natural Language Processing).
  • Automating the audit of expense reports with AI.
  • Generating monthly business insights regarding corporate clients’ employee spending behaviors (Travel, Hotel, and Food), along with recommendations for optimizing expenses.
  • Analyzing the reasons behind declined card transactions and identifying merchants with high decline rates.

Did you experience any problems or limitations with TransOrg’s services?

None. They were consistently flexible and would bring in team members with the required skill sets in case of any challenges.

What do you like most about TransOrg?

TransOrg takes ownership of their work and consistently delivers within agreed timelines. We leveraged TransOrg to solve new and unique business problems where the capability was built from scratch. Time and again, they have followed innovative approaches in a variety of analytics and AI projects.

Given their consistency and ability to solve tough problems, Amex has been continuing this relationship for over seven years.