Transorg conducted an in-depth analysis for a prominent bank, focusing on customers who were declined by the bank but subsequently found acceptance with competing organizations. The project aimed to comprehend the performance and underlying causes of rejection for this specific customer group.


To accomplish this, we utilized data from the Bureau, specifically CIBIL, to identify customers who were rejected by the bank but successfully secured approval from peers and competitors. We then meticulously dissected the reasons behind their initial rejection, scrutinizing each stage of the application, login, and approval processes. Subsequently, we closely monitored the performance of these customers in their new engagements with competing institutions. We identified segments within this customer pool that exhibited superior performance, providing valuable insights into opportunities for expanding the bank’s customer base.


The project yielded the following results:

  • Identification of segments comprising potentially high-performing customers.
  • Comprehensive analysis of the reasons behind their initial rejection by the bank.

Data Sources: External Variables: Bureau data pertaining to competitor trades and performance. Internal Variables: Acquisition variables at the time of application, login, and approval.

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