About Client

A top online insurance company in Singapore wanted to cross-sell customers through behavioural analytics backed campaign


  • Increase profitability from existing customer base by cross-selling different product types
  • Improve customer base across different products through targeted cross-sell campaigns given most customers were buying a single product


  • Exploratory data analysis to understand pattern in customer behavior for buying insurance products
  • Used Travel insurance customers (76% of customers were buying Travel) to find opportunity for cross-sell
  • Developed different propensity models to predict likelihood of customer having Travel insurance for buying another insurance product
  • Compared past campaign conversion with existing cross-sell campaign conversion

Campaign Channel

  • Campaign data was limited only to email channel
  • Proposed test vs control group strategy to identify right channel to run cross-sell campaigns


  • Optimized marketing campaign costs by capturing 72% of target base in just 32% of entire customer base
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