Our client, one of the largest food and grocery retail chain, operates its stores under two formats; Supermarket & Hypermarket.

Client wanted to understand product affinities and have a clear visibility on customer preferences to enable targeted campaigns among different categories.

  • Hypermarket
  • supermarkets hypermarkets
  • million loyalty card members
  • private labels 


TransOrg developed market basket analysis for a target campaigns

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Segment customers as valuable, loyal, new, potential and lapsed
  • Premium  vs. private label spend
  • Store Analytics
  • Mix of premium vs. private label spend by store
  • Weekend vs. weekdays and seasonal spend variations by store
  • Basket Analysis: Department penetration by transactions and spend
  • Affinity Analysis
  • Affinity at department and class level
  • Monthly variations in affinities for ‘top affinity’ classes


  • 24% of customers contribute to 55% spend & 65% transactions – Loyal Customers
  • 1/3rd of all the customers have a preference to buy premium products – similar trend for private labels
  • About 50% of the premium spend is at seven stores – similar for private label
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