Trade Promotions Optimization

Trade Promotion Effectiveness

CPG companies spend substantially on in-store and trade promotion offers. However, most companies end up running sub-optimal promotion strategies due to challenges in evaluating campaign effectiveness.

TransOrg identifies which promotions provide maximum returns and leverages your historical data to recommend future promotions best for each product, sales channel, geography, and customer segments.

What We Do

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    Problem understanding

    Understand promotion optimization outputs through guided analytics

    Classify a business problem into requiring either a supervised or an unsupervised learning approach

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    Promotion Analytics

    Econometric models to analyze weekly demand patterns and fully capture promotional behavior through time

    Historical data analysis to understand a specific promotion’s or offer’s ability to drive incremental sales volume

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    Scenario Planning and Model Building

    State space models generate a statistical baseline that can include seasonal, cyclical, and trend patterns

    Models are multiplicative to control for seasonality and interaction effects when multiple promotions and promotional factors occur simultaneously

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    Model Integration and Automation

    Model integration into client’s on-premises or cloud data infrastructure for near real-time processing

    Automations in output based on self–learning models

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Our Services Provide a Unique Range of Benefits

Improved returns from trade promotions

Reduced cannibalization in brands or product categories

Critical insights by tracking critical KPIs

Optimized spends on promotions and offers

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