Loyalty Management

Solutions to uplift customer loyalty

Delivering a delightful and differentiated customer experience leads to long-term happy customers. A good understanding of the customers and a data-driven loyalty program is the key to delivering such experiences.

With its advanced analytics expertise, TransOrg Analytics helps its client organizations in generating rich customer insights and developing customer-centric marketing strategies that increases customers’ lifetime values, uplifts customer loyalty and provides higher returns.

What We Do

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    Data Stitching and cleansing

    Unifying data from multiple sources to create a single source of truth

    Cleaning data such as removing null values, identifying and treating data errors and anomalies

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    Feature Engineering and Model Building

    Engineer new variables for precise insights banking upon TransOrg’s experience in hospitality

    Building models using machine learning, exploratory data analysis, feature selection, hyper-parameter tuning, and eventual implementation of several algorithms to analyze customers across loyalty segments and generate insights

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    Model Review and Feedback

    Review and compare models using train test approach

    Build automations in outputs based on self–learning models

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    Solution integration

    Integrate TransOrg’s solution with your existing on-prem or on-cloud infrastructure using native models, data and process orchestration layers and augment it with necessary data science capabilities and insights

Learn more about TransOrg’s value proposition solution methodology and implementation approach

Our Services Provide a Unique Range of Benefits

Run personalized targeting and retargeting campaigns

Generate loyalty score for each unique customer

Deliver delightful customer experience

Induce customers to maintain or upgrade to next loyalty tier

Other Solutions

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    Guest Analytics

    Analyze guest preferences, expectations and needs to deliver personalized experience and execute targeted campaigns

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    Integrated Dashboards

    Get insights on the fly for quick decision making with integrated and interactive dashboards

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    Menu Re-engineering

    Analyze popularity and profitability of menu items to take insightful decisions for pricing, promotions and item combinations

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    Demand Forecasting

    Predict demand across food, accommodation and recreational services to optimize operation margin

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