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Customer 360

Customer 360 solution specifically tailored for the aviation industry. By leveraging advanced data analytics and innovative technology, advanced analytics solution offers a holistic view of your customers, enabling you to deliver exceptional experiences and drive long-term loyalty.

With its advanced analytics expertise, TransOrg Analytics integrates data from disparate data systems for effective collaboration and enterprise-wide visibility to deliver critical customer insights improving customer acquisition, accelerating customer engagement, retaining profitable customers and optimizing business operations.

What We Do

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    Determine baseline and incremental drivers

    Forecast returns with the highest level of accuracy across different time horizons – short or long term across large datasets

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    Predictive Modelling

    Select the best performing model by testing a combination of variables using statistical diagnostics and goodness of fit

    Decompose marketing uplift by marketing ‘bucket’ and channel

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    Simulations for optimal marketing mix

    Simulate real-time marketing mix parameters to understand the effect of marketing mix combinations on returns for various marketing initiatives

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    Monitor performance of the market mix model

    Create automated and interactive reports for KPIs

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Our Services Provide a Unique Range of Benefits

Improved marketing returns

Boost marketing effectiveness

Thorough assessment of marketing spends

Improved brand awareness

Optimized spends across channels

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