Collection Analytics

What is Collection Analytics

Collection analytics aids to analysing customer’s personal information, account and transactional data and behaviour pattern, which in turn helps to segment the accounts having high probability of losses.

TransOrg helps in creating collection strategies to reduce delinquencies and mitigate losses allowing businesses to maximize their accounts receivable recovery.

What we do

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    Model development

    Build multiple delinquency models, recovery models and BAU dashboards.

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    Customer segmentation

    Segment customers based on their risk propensity scores.

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    Collection strategy

    Adopt differentiated strategies for different segments.

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    Campaign launch and tracking

    Launch personalized communication campaigns and track campaign efficacy.

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    Feedback incorporation

    Revisit the segments & each collection strategy based on campaign feedback.

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Our Services Provide a Unique Range of Benefits

Minimizing loss by restricting forward flow of delinquent customers

Reduced debt write-offs

Improve performance of collection agents with customer credit insights

Increased recovery from NPA accounts

Better understanding on customer behaviour

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