Client is a leading low-cost carrier airline embarking on a journey of excellence in customer service. Consistently ranked as one of the most punctual airlines globally.


CX-LLM is an advanced GenAI chatbot tailored for seamless ticket booking and social media integration, revolutionizing user interactions in the realm of customer service.

  • Client required a CX-LLM chatbot that addresses user inquiries and booking activities with a focus on general questions and ticket booking tasks, providing a comprehensive solution for user engagement
  • The chatbot utilizes various sources of data, including user inputs, social media interactions, and backend systems such as Navitaire (airline management system) API, to generate accurate responses and facilitate bookings.
  • The chatbot’s model undergoes periodic updates to incorporate improvements and adapt to evolving user needs and preferences
  • Data preprocessing and transformation techniques are applied to input data to ensure compatibility with the chatbot’s natural language understanding and response generation capabilities.


Key Impacts

  • CX-LLM delivers prompt responses to user queries, facilitates ticket bookings seamlessly, and integrates with social media platforms for enhanced accessibility and convenience
  • TransorgGPT was the preferred solution among models like OpenAI’s LLM, to understand user queries, generate responses, and facilitate ticket bookings with efficiency and accuracy.
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