Our clients is one of a leading integrated lifestyle provider with brands across industries such as shopping malls, Hotels, Cinema, Hypermarket & much more.

The client objective is to:

Understand the customer’s store preference and their revisit behaviours  and evaluate the performance and ROI outcome of campaigns which are running at the same time at different malls.


Transorg’s solution developed:

  • Top 20% customers at XX Mall contribute 70% of the campaign revenue.
  • Campaigns can be designed for store categories that have low
    revisit percentage.
  • Identify malls which have similar customer demographics such as consumer price index and purchasing power of cities!
    Understand the revenue contribution of store categories at mall
  • Identify the campaigns running at these malls during same period
  • Calculate success metrics for these campaigns at store category


Key Impacts

  • Identify top 20% customer with highest spend contribution
  • Calculate the average spend and revisit percentage at store level
  • Opportunity to run campaigns at different malls which have similar
    customer demographics and store category distribution.
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