Client is a leading low-cost carrier airline embarking on a journey of excellence in customer service. Consistently ranked as one of the most punctual airlines globally.


TransorgGPT generative AI-powered platform that answers user queries in natural language regarding HR-related issues utilizing HR-policy documents fed into the system to provide accurate responses reducing human interaction, HR workload and delay in response

The task of managing compliance, HR policies, and IT for a global aviation client was a complex challenge. Additionally, employees had numerous questions on a daily basis, and the answers were scattered across various sources. This made it hard for the client to ensure that their employees had access to the most accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Client required a chatbot that enables its employees to ask natural language questions on the airline’s HR policies, procedures, rules and in return the user gets answers instantaneously through large language models.
  • The project emphasizes scalability, security, and user-friendliness
  • PDF document related to HR policy


Key Impacts

  • Employees can ask their queries in natural language that are answered by the OpenAI based chatbot in real time eliminating the traditional process where an employee would need to raise any HR-related queries through a ticketing system where an HR representatives would manually review and respond to the ticket.
  • TransorgGPT was the preferred solution among employees who required prompt and effortless access to the organization’s internal knowledge.
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