Our client, one of the leading branding agency, was  not able to provide comprehensible insights across platforms

Client  wanted to engage TransOrg in developing various dashboards that are built to support both internal and external stakeholders such as client performance marketing team.

The data extraction and transformation are done on Funnel.io’s platform and dashboards are rendered on Google Data Studio. Data needs to be cleaned and processed off the visualization platform to ensure low latency and high throughput. Additionally, dashboards should present the business insights in an easy-to-consume manner with key interpretations on next best action


TransOrg implemented advanced analytics and post-event analysis capabilities data from various social media platforms is consolidated and harmonized to provide 360 Degree view of KPIs

For the analysis, BI tool available 365 days as the single version of truth to study business impact of digital reach across multiple social media platforms.


• Data consolidated from various social media platforms is transformed and harmonized to create custom dimensions and metrics using business rules and standard marketing formulae

• Data blends and mappings to create custom comparisons (W-o-W/M-o-M / Y-o-Y) in order to study the change in KPI growth rates

• 360-degree view of KPIs allows to deep dive user behavior and its impact on business across platforms, channels, geographies, audience types, products and multiple campaigns


Key Impacts

Interactive BI tool with cutting edge visualizations which facilitates designing powerful campaign strategies by:

• Leveraging customer response behaviour (purchases, conversions, traffic, page engagement etc)
• Optimize budget spends, maximize returns.
• Enhance customers’ product affinity

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