Our client, one of the leading low-cost airline company, has been using TransOrg’s advanced analytics and data science capabilities since 2009 to solve a range of complex business problems including personalization, load forecasting, revenue simulation, price elasticity, sectoral and flight segment performance and marketing spend optimization.

Client wanted to analyze the performance of its customer facing website and mobile application to:

  • Optimize website and improve the customer journey across website
  • Increase revenue by improving the conversion ratio of website visitors
  • Identify customers for personalized cross-sell, up-sell and retention campaigns


TransOrg analyzed the Point of Sales (POS) data for a period of one year comprising of approximately 30,000 transactions and 90,000 ordered items.

Transactional analysis was done on multiple parameters such as:

  • Frequency of item ordered vs. item name
  • Revenue of item ordered vs. item name
  • Overall revenue vs. DOW, TOM, and season*
  • Revenue change per item vs. DOW, TOM, and season
  • Average, Overall and Daily revenue of top items vs. DOW, TOM, and season

**DOW: Day of the week (weekdays: Mon-Thu and weekend: Fri-Sun); TOM: Time of the meal (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner); Season: Summer, winter, spring, autumn and monsoon.

1. Cross-selling value-add products and services:

TransOrg created the list of customers to target with cross-sell campaigns by identifying the look-alikes of customers with a high buying rate of ancillary services and products from the pool of customers who have never purchased any ancillary services and products such as in-flight meals, taxi, prioritized luggage check-in, seat selection option, and third-party hotel stays reservation.

2. Market Basket Analysis

Identified products and services that are bought together and products and services that have either a high or a low demand.

3. Cart Abandonment Reduction Campaign

Identified customers dropping off from the payment page to target with innovative retention campaigns via email and push notifications.

4. SEO Optimization, app performance tracking and UI/UX improvement

Provided relevant suggestions on UI and UX changes to decrease page bounce rates.


Key Impacts

  • Cross-sell campaigns resulted in 0.5% increase in sales of ancillary products and services.
  • Products and services combinations created based on a market basket analysis contributed to 10% of the total sales of ancillary products and services.
  • 0.5% increase in revenue by re-targeting dropped off customers.
  • SEO optimization and UI/UX improvements resulted in a 3% overall increase in conversion rates

TransOrg contributes regularly on ad-hoc complex analytics projects and works together with the client’s in-house marketing and customer management teams to closely monitor campaign performance based on insights.

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