The client aimed to enhance the trading turnover of its brokerage customers and maintain their engagement through precise campaigns.


We established specific thresholds for product and customer segments, taking into account various parameters, including:

  • Recency, frequency, and brokerage amount in the last 6 months (RFM)
  • Ratio of trades during bullish and bearish market periods
  • Average realized profits
  • Ratio of trades in high versus low volatility periods

We targeted more than 20,000 clients with spending levels lower than their peer group, offering discounts on incremental brokerage above the set thresholds. Our campaigns were conducted through a combination of email communication and advisor-driven outbound calls.


Our efforts yielded a remarkable 20% response rate, resulting in a 150% increase in the average revenue per customer during the campaign and the following three months when compared to the previous six months. Incremental revenue was calculated based on a Test over Control group analysis.


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