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Trade Promotion Optimization

CPG companies spend heavily on trade promotions but struggle to achieve optimum return on investment which heavily impacts the sales and revenue.

Consumer goods companies adopt a variety of tactics for their promotions as part of their trade spending and it is becoming necessity to differentiate between poorly performing promotions and profitable ones by leveraging data analytics.

Our trade promotion management and optimization solution identify which historical promotions have provided a positive ROI, leveraging that data to recommend future promotions that are the best fit for each product/market/customer or other defining factors

Demand Forecasting, Customer Segmentation, Higher Campaign ROI, Predictive Attrition Modelling, Cross-Sell Modelling


Improve the return on investment from the promotions.

Improves the sales promotion effectiveness.

Identify best and worst promotions by performance.

Create a sales baseline from historical performance data.

What we do

Business Strategic Approach

Understanding of the promotion optimization outputs through guided analytics

Analyze the data

Examine the data to extract key information which is used to create the analytical scenarios.

Build Model

Business Model to quantify and understand the key causal factors.

Understand a promotion's past ability to drive incremental volume.

Modelling & Scenario Building

Maximize revenue based upon business constraints.

Create optimization scenarios –baseline prediction, promotion optimization, and plan optimization.

Select optimized plan

Based on the scenario ‘s results, baselines or promotions are created

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