Menu Re-Engineering

Menu Re-Engineering

Menu engineering is the group of exercises done to take informed decisions on finalizing menu items, pricing of menu items, creating item combinations and promoting deals and offers.

With its advanced analytics expertise, TransOrg Analytics helps its hospitality and restaurant clients to maximize their revenues by analyzing the customer demand and evaluating the popularity and profitability of each menu item.

What We Do

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    Data Stitching and cleansing

    Unifying data from multiple sources to deliver end-to-end supply chain analytics

    Cleaning data such as removing null values, identifying and treating data errors and anomalies

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    Feature Engineering and Model Building

    Engineer new variables for precise insights banking upon TransOrg’s experience in hospitality

    Execute market basket analysis and develop machine learning based product recommendation engines

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    Model Review and Feedback

    Review and compare models using train test approach

    Build automations in outputs based on self–learning models

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    Solution integration

    Integrate TransOrg’s solution with your existing on-prem or on-cloud infrastructure using native models, data and process orchestration layers and augment it with necessary data science capabilities and insights

Want to learn more about TransOrg’s value proposition solution methodology and implementation approach?

Our Services Provide a Unique Range of Benefits

Increase average order value

Execute targeted combo deals and offers on items

Elevate customer experience with personalization

Maximize revenues derived from restaurant menu

Other Solutions

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    Guest Analytics

    Analyze guest preferences, expectations and needs to deliver personalized experience and execute targeted campaigns

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    Integrated Dashboards

    Get insights on the fly for quick decision making with integrated and interactive dashboards

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    Demand Forecasting

    Predict demand across food, accommodation and recreational services to optimize operation margin

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    Loyalty Management

    Increase repeat customers and customer lifetime value (CLTV) by building a loyal customer base

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