Demand Forecasting

Organizations worldwide are finding it challenging to accurately forecast demand for their products and services, which results in wastage of time and money in production and delivery, frequent stockouts and lost sales.

TransOrg has developed a powerful demand forecasting solution on Amazon Forecast technology that provides accurate sales predictions, insights on sales trends and granular demand predictions at SKU and store level which helps companies in:

  • Making inventory decisions on a near real-time basis
  • Ensuring increased production efficiency
  • Reducing the product developlment life cycle and time to market new products
  • Optimizing inventory across their supply chains
  • Providing better customer service through on-time delivery
Demand Forecasting, Customer Segmentation, Higher Campaign ROI, Predictive Attrition Modelling, Cross-Sell Modelling



For a leading CPG company in Health, Beauty and Wellness segment - we achieved an 84% accuracy in sales forecasting at an SKU level


For a low-cost airline - improved revenue realization by over 5% with accurate demand (load) forecasts for over 2000 daily flight segments


For a consumer bank - developed a ‘Personal Loans’ loss forecasting model with over 90% accuracy across three loan delinquency buckets


For an asset management company - forecasted the quantum of ‘Liquid Funds’ redemption by institutional investors with an accuracy of over 92% up to one week prior to redemption


For a luxury hotel chain - forecasted demand at an item (SKU) level and unit i.e. specific hotel property level with over 90% accuracy

What we do

Demand Forecasting
  • Predictive analytics on historical primary and secondary sales data using sophisticated techniques like regression, univariate forecasting and ML methods
  • Project demand and sell-out sales predictions at granular level within defined zones and product groups

Case Studies

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