Data Science

Adopt data-driven machine learning to improve future outcomes with our Data Science services

Digital Analytics

Visitor behaviour and response to emails, natural and paid search advertising, targeted display ads

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Market Mix Modeling

Dynamic dashboard that fetches messages, posts and tweets on real time basis

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Customer Analytics

Statistical analytics and big data tools to deploy tailored marketing programs that are centered

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Demand Forecasting

Organizations worldwide are finding it challenging to accurately forecast demand for their products

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Collection Analytics

Collection analytics aids to analysing customer’s personal information, account and transactional

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Anomaly Detection

Banking Fraud has been an ever-growing issue with huge consequences to banks and customers

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Credit Risk Scorecard

Credit risk modelling is an approach to determine the probability of default of a customer.

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Trade Promotions Optimization

CPG companies spend heavily on trade promotions but struggle to achieve optimum return on investment which heavily impacts the sales and revenue.

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