Our client, a NYC based performance branding company wanted to improve performance of marketing campaigns of their clients by giving them a platform to see recommended spend distributions across channels, based on some given constraints of budget, goal etc. so as to maximise ROI. 

Client wanted to optimize spend distribution across platforms using marginal KPI and reduce overspending and find the point of diminishing return.


Transorg’s solution optimizes media spends through Marginal Budget Management. It predicts optimal bid and spend allocation per audience / channel to maximize CLTV / Revenue / Purchases.

  • Appended Weekly Performance Forecasting which forecasts the selected performance metric(revenue, CPC, CPM, CTR etc.) for the next 4 weeks.
  • Create lagged variables of the above.
  • Taking root and logarithmic values of spend.
  • Integrated concepts like ad-stock transformation to induce Diminishing Returns/Saturation Effect into the model with no manual intervention.
  • Perform Data Exploration
  • A re-designed dashboard for customers which is interactive, easy to use at the same time – fast at the back end.


Key Impacts

  • Spend Distribution
  • Real time Revenue/ROAS prediction.
  • Diminishing Return curves.
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