A multinational automotive manufacturing company wanted to analyse the customer’s views on selected models vs the competitors


Data extraction

  • Extracted data from the Facebook pages such as follower base of the page, number of posts, like and comments on each post, type of comments.
  • Extracted data from car review websites such as cardekho.com. Fields extracted such as overall rating, likes, number of reviews, and comments.

Data cleaning

  • Translate non English posts using Google API
  • Perform stemming and lemmatization
  • Remove punctuations, stop words
  • Correct misspelled words using NLP 

Data analytics and modelling

  • Calculate sentiment score for each comment 
  • Topic, sentiment and car model wise review topic modelling

Data visualisation

  • Model comparison metrics developed on sentiments, topics and cars
  • Social media presence comparison
  • Word Cloud


  • More than 50% users have negative view of car X
  • Car Y has significantly higher positive reviews percentage
  • Car Z needs to catch-up with its competitors 
  • Car X has significantly high social media presence
  • Car Y is organically catching up as its review count is quite high compared to page likes and follow count
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